Monday, 25 May 2015


Oh my gah. guys. my house now has a basement, 3 levels, and a roof. structural part is nearly done. and some houses are even putting up bricks.

No pictures though because they chained up the area so no one can drive in to look around.

But I can tell you that, because we get a side house, we have an adequately sized lawn and some grass beside the house plus a tree. ALSO, we get two extra windows for our house. So when we go up the stairs, it won't be really dark. I guess it's nice that we get more natural lighting. I thought it was just gonna be two windows.

What else should I mention...?

Oh yes we finished picking out the interiors for the house. Their Basic Packages are very nice.

In the areas were there is supposed to be tile, i picked out while tiles. Standard white but very nice tiles with grey streaks in them. For carpeted areas, we went with a cream/beige colour... and we upgraded the living/dining room to regular hardwood. We also ended up getting a painting package (one time cost) for the house and we get to choose up to 3 colours, and they do the painting for us.

Colour 1 was China glass which is kind of a muted grey blue colour.. a bit on the lighter side. That is gonna be along the walls of the living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, and the hubby's game/office room.

Colour 2 is gonna be a mint colour... in the foyer, master bathroom, powder room, and closet.

Colour 3 is gonna be a mocha colour (they called it sand dune) and that'll be in the hubby's washroom.

the upstairs walls though i believe we're leaving white.

Remember that blog i wrote about what design i wanted? well it came in handy. I showed our consultant pictures from this blog (yeee she legit looked at my blog!) and she picked out everything for us. the white cabinets in the master bathroom, the brown cabinets in the guest bathroom, black cabinets in the kitchen, standard white counter tops everywhere.

And then we picked plumbing and electrical. That's all the technical stuff.

My dad offered to replace the standard counter tops with marble since he works at a marble and tile shop so I'll take him up on that offer. Also, for some reason they didn't provide us with a wash basin for the laundry in the basement so at some point I have to go to home depot to pick out one :|

My older sister after gave me her 4 seater dining room table.. so yay I have a free table!

All that's left are accessories for the house and get the brick to move appliances into the house. .... oh yes i also get the keys on my birthday :P yayyy!!


In other news, I went to Dreams Take Flight which is basically Volunteer operated and it allows special needs children, and orphaned children to go to Disneyland - FREE OF CHARGE and includes hotel stay, flight, and food. You can read about my first experience on my Disney Adventures Blog below!

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